A tool to replace business cards
Project Overview
Business cards are old-fashion and therefor we created a new way to connect with people that fits the needs of today's user. Pairy started as a project during my internship at Bureau Moeilijke Dingen. The main goal was to create a tool that could assist in connecting people during a networking event. The final tool and concept were turned into a start-up.

Pairy consist of a tube, where visitors can scan their visitors badge on either side. Be dragging their hands over the touch-sensitive tube, the visitors can create an physical connection. A live date visualization shows all the visitors and the connections like a spider web. After the event, the visitors receive an email with the connections and connected people.
My Contributions
I designed, engineered and build a big part of the tool, together with my collegues from Bureau Moeilijke Dingen. We turned the wishes of the client into a concept and build a High-Fidelity prototype. I was responsible for parts of the programming and electronics, as well as the manufacturing of the tool itself and the project management.

After my internship I assisted with further development of the tool.